Live Music performed by Teri Wilder

Teri Wilder is passionate about healing and wellness through vibration, sound, and energy – and offers transformative sessions with her unique three-pronged approach. She is delighted to express her energy healing talents as a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner and Gong Player, Reiki Master, and Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner that interface for a comprehensive session for her clients.

An accomplished singer/songwriter, she has traveled extensively across the country for keynotes, concerts, gong meditations, and energy work to support wholeness, creativity, and peace. Understanding the restorative power of sound and music led Teri to study the science of vibrational and energy-based healing and to pursue certifications to
practice her energy healing modalities. At her San Diego-based Teri Wilder Healing Sanctuary, she offers an intimate space for her soothing and rejuvenating work with clients. She can provide insight as a gifted and trained Medical Intuitive to help identify root causes that may impact a client’s health, and she combines Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions to help restore physical and emotional well-being and to support the body’s the natural rejuvenation process.
While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, her sessions have enabled countless clients to restore health, reduce stress and discomfort, and achieve a greater sense of peace and lightness. Teri’s dedication to raising the vibration of the planet is the theme running through all of her pursuits. You may contact her at

Tuesday’s Sacred Gong Experience with Teri Wilder can be used toward 1 General CEU credit.