May 17th Leadership Event: Diversity | Grief

Free to attend, CEUs available

May 17th from 9:00 – 3:00 PM via Zoom


Rev. Jim Lee and his wife Lisa from Unity of Las Vegas will lead us through insights about diversity – available for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM).


Sue Frederick will present a workshop on grief in ministry, which includes our own grief as well as working with grief in our congregations.

There will be no charge for this event. This is a gift from the Unity Southwest Region Board in a time when we could all use greater connection. All leaders in Unity centers are invited to attend.

Rev. Jim Lee & Lisa Lee, LUT

Diversity Inside Out

Prior to entering the ministry, Jim Lee was a successful National Marketing Representative with IBM. His mission for transforming lives began in 1986 with his position as Executive Director of Youth at Risk where he served the needs of inner-city youth.Inspired to pursue ministry, he completed Unity School for Religious Studies in 1994 and subsequently serviced on the Board of Trustees for Unity Worldwide Ministries including the role of chair for one year.

Lisa Lee was the Director of Youth Ministry and Adult Education at Renaissance Unity for over 15 years. She presented the “Spirit’s HeArt” workshop at the 2012 National Unity Conference on the role of the arts in spiritual development. She became a Certified Spiritual Educator and a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2013.

Workshop Description

In a world where the tension between differences is at its height, it is clear that the transcendence of separation is the major quest of the 21st century spiritual worker. As individualized expressions of the Divine, we are learning to integrate our uniqueness with oneness and to appreciate and honor a multi-textured nature of unity over the safety of sameness. The true essence of community can be found in our capacity to meet each other at depth beyond tolerance, transcending yet including our personal opinions and beliefs.

This workshop approaches diversity from the inside out, beginning with relating effectively with “the other” within. Through discussion, the power of story and spiritual practices, we will create an inclusive foundation for reaching across the great divides present in our culture today and develop new capacities for being spiritual ambassadors of compassion, peace, and true communion.

Visit them at Unity Las

Sue Frederick Grief Shifting: Opening the heart for healing and connection
Sue Frederick is a third year Unity Ministerial student, and author of several books. As a spiritual intuitive coach and master numerologist she’s taught hundreds of workshops for grieving people; and for those who seek a new story; a new view of their challenges and gifts.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health and Complete Woman Magazines.

Her workshop venues include Omega Institute, Naropa University, Shambhala Mountain Center, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, New York Open Center, and Loyola University.

Workshop Description

2020 has rocked our worlds: You and your congregants may be grieving a loved one or a lifestyle. Let’s come together in this online grief-shifting class. We’ll share stories, experience meditations that open the heart; connect to departed loved ones or to our inner God Consciousness for guidance. You’ll feel what you need to feel to heal – and ultimately embrace your soul’s great mission moving forward. Your loss is meant to fuel your greatest work and Sue Frederick is a master at illuminating that process.

Including:-Meditations and sacred practices for direct conversations with your departed or your inner God Consciousness-Sacred practices to feel and release the pain of grief-A deep exploration of soul agreements, soul missions & using our pain as fuel-How to receive written messages from your departed or your higher self-Ways to quiet the mind to hear inner wisdom-How to find purpose in your life and career after devastating loss.

Learn more at Sue

2020 SW Region Conference details

Click to download the  Conference 2020 Schedule or view below


~ Virtual Lounge – Wear your comfiest lounge-wear and arrive in time to meet and greet each other! We’ll use Zoom break-out rooms for a few small group chats before the official Music, Prayer and Welcome.

~ Pajama Party Sound Bath – presenter: Karyn Diane. Part of the Self-Care CEU’s available. All sections on the schedule in green are part of the Self-Care requirements.

~ Ethics & Inclusivity CEU’s in a fun and interactive way. The inclusivity portion includes an e-book as part of your conference registration.

~ Music from two music teams that have mastered sharing their music via video!

~ The Regional Business Meeting and updates from Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) and Unity World Headquarters (UWH) will be available to all.

 ~ Opportunities to connect, pray & meditate, interact and celebrate despite distance…

~ An awards presentation, officer installation and concert as our closing event!


Conference Overview

Conference Schedule

Self-Care Workshops Overview

Presenter Todd Kane site

Presenter Karyn Diane Bio

Ethics Worskhop Information


Rev. Charli Tupper, Committee Chair

Jacquie Hardesty, LUT    ·    Malayna Dawn

Rev. Lori Fleming    ·   Sandy Walker

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Core Value Statements

Unity SW Core Value Statements 

Spirit Led

We are guided by Spirit in all that we do.



We welcome diversity and foster an equitable culture of oneness.    



We honor our heritage while intentionally seeking evolution and expansion.



We affirm lucidity in purpose and intent; we act with ease and grace.



We share our spiritual understanding, connecting in a manner that is current with today’s world.

2019 Region Business Meeting Info

Southwest Region Business Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, October 8, 2019 10:30 AM

  • Call to Order – Karen Epps
  • Opening Prayer
  • Welcome new Ministries
  • Approve Agenda
  • President’s Report – Karen Epps
  • Secretary’s Report – Arlene Meyer
  • Approve minutes from October 3, 2018 meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report – Richard Maraj
  • Approve Treasurer’s report
  • Election of Board Members – Lori Fleming
  • Family Ministry Liaison Report – Jacquie Hardesty
  • Regional Representative’s Report – Lori Fleming
  • Welcome LUT’s and LUT Report – Jacquie Hardesty
  • Alhambra Foundation Report – Foundation Board
  • Closing Prayer

Bios of those running for Regional Office:
Michael Schoonover    |     Lori Fleming     |     Richard Maraj

SchoonoverRev. Michael A. Schoonover, a California native, has attended Unity Way Church in Vista, California, since 2005. He became Minister in 2017. He holds a BA degree in Communications. Rev. Michael’s grandmother was a long-time Unity student. He started diligently studying Unity in the early 1990’s and became a LUT in 2012. Attended Unity Urban Ministerial School and was licensed in 2015 and ordained in 2016. He is fond of saying he is a loyal Fillmorian Unity Truth student of the Holy Invisible Ethers.

Rev. Michael assisted in background research material for the Unity-published book “The Many Faces of Prayer: How the Human Family Meets Its Spiritual Needs,” by Dr. Rev. Thomas W. Shepherd. He also had one of his questions submitted to Shepherd’s Unity Magazine column published in the Unity book entitled “Good Questions.” Rev. Michael sends out weekly inspirational Truth affirmations to over 300 people.

A meta-inspired Bible scholar, Rev. Michael has an extensive collection of originally signed Truth book editions and a massive collection of Unity-printed books, pamphlets, magazines, Daily Words, Weekly Unity, etc. And a loyal Truth student of famed Fillmore teachers, Emma Curtis Hopkins and Annie Rix Militz. He is a practicing meta-physician, lover of ancient metaphysics, and cherishes the healing histories of our beloved Unity School of Christianity movement.

Richard Maraj-headshot Rev. Richard Maraj inspires people to live better lives through his powerful spiritual teachings. His charismatic, relatable speaking style combines a depth of spiritual knowledge, sharp intellect, great sense of humor and contagious enthusiasm to touch and energize his audience into expanding their understanding of God, life and themselves. Richard’s positive, uplifting messages have helped many people experience greater joy, peace and prosperity through the practical application of basic spiritual principles.

For many years Richard worked as a successful motivational speaker who traveled throughout North America to address large Fortune 500 and other companies. During the early 1990s he felt a strong call to ministry, and was compelled to attend ministerial school. He was ordained as a Unity minister in 1998, and began his ministry as an Associate Minister in Raleigh, NC. Soon afterward he became Senior Minister of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO, and quickly became a much sought-after guest speaker for churches throughout Canada and the United States. He is currently the Senior Minister of Unity of Phoenix, one of the largest Unity ministries in the world, where he has served since 2005.

Richard has a degree in political science from McMaster University and continues to have a passion for learning. He is a strong advocate for community service, and also enjoys a variety of activities and hobbies, which include performing as a stand-up comic. In addition, Richard is currently completing a book called The 4 Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself.

 LoriFlemingRev. Lori Fleming has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the University of South Florida with a major on religious studies.  She is an ordained Unity Minister who graduated from Unity Institute in 2006 and has served at the Unity Church in Sarasota, FL, the Unity Church of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI, the Unity Church in Venice, FL, Unity of Chandler in Chandler, and Unity of Carefree Cave Creek.  She is currently the Pastoral Care Minister at Unity Phoenix Spiritual Center.

Lori was a Youth of Unity Teacher/Sponsor for more than fifteen years and in 1999 was awarded the Distinguished Youth Services Award from Unity Worldwide Ministries.   Her greatest passion is living and teaching Unity principles and watching people transform as they learn to use these principles in their lives.

Lori has served on Unity Worldwide Ministries’ L & O Ministry Team, Leadership Recruitment and Development Team, Annual Summit Team, Ethics Review Team, and Ministry Wellness Team.  She is past President, current Vice-President, and Regional Representative for the Southwest Region.

Lori lives in Cave Creek, AZ with her husband, Mark. They have three grown children and two grandsons.

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  • Oct 2018-none sent
  • Oct/Nov 2018– Photos from Conference, message from LUT REp and gratitude message from YFM Consultant.
  • Dec 2018– Facebook ad to promote all centers in region for Christmas, Bolder Together: Living Room Conversations, Key Leader Event announced.

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