Special Music from Tony Redhouse

Tony Redhouse is a world-renowned speaker, sound healer, and musician who will be sharing some of his music videos with us.

From his youth, Tony was inspired by the sound of his father’s Native American drum. Rex Redhouse would sing traditional Diné (Navajo) squaw dance songs in the home using drums he would make in the back yard to provide the beat. For traditional Native American people, the drum is the central force that keeps the songs, dances, and ceremonies alive in the hearts of the people. “It unites the feet of our people in dance, and inspires us to sing our personal songs from within,” says Tony.

As his love affair with the drum continued, he went on to become a Navajo hoop dancer. This in turn fostered an interest in other indigenous drums as he became exposed to their sounds in the Monterey Bay area where he lived. “Listening to artists such as Santana and Mongo Santamaria changed my life,” says Tony. “I got excited about Afro-Cuban, latin-rock and urban-soul drumming, and their sounds and rhythms swirled around in my head when I was performing my tribal dances.” This fusion of ethnic musical styles during his youth formed the basis for the potent multi-cultural drumming that has become his signature style today.

Tony Redhouse on Congas

“The vibration of the drum can go beyond the physical realm and touch the soul whatever state it is in, going straight to the essence of the person,” he says. “It can heal or release them. It also possesses the female and the male aspects of the universe. The female side represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth – a nurturing, meditative, unconditional love of the Spirit. The male side can summon ancestors and awaken us to the spiritual realm. The balancing of these two aspects of the drum can create a life of harmony within us; it can give us access to the power of Spirit to inspire us and to give us strength for what we go through in life.”

Tony has used the drum, along with the flute and the power of the human voice in chant, the three ancient forms of expression that appear across all ancient cultures, to take his listeners into meditation and to simplify and heal their lives. He works in prestigious healing facilities, spas, and yoga retreats, but feels just as comfortable in his community drug and alcohol rehabs, AIDS clinics, cancer hospitals, and counseling centers.

He also loves his work as teacher and cultural consultant in schools, colleges, and at corporate conventions. He always involves his audience by getting them to dance, releasing them to feel free like children again, to have fun and feel the strength and peace within themselves, and each other, so that they see a picture of the universe in harmony, a vision of the world coming together. Anywhere he can help people to heal, is where he feels right at home.

Learn more at https://www.tonyredhouse.net

Music from Jim Sorensen–Pianist, Composer, Singer, Songwriter

Jim Sorensen’s first instrumental CD, “Piano in the Desert”was a suite of 14 original pieces that paint different scenes of the Arizona desert. His first vocal CD is entitled, “Music from the Light” with 16 original songs. Since then, he has released a CD of his favorite classical pieces, a medley of Scott Joplin Rags and four patriotic songs; a second volume of “Music from the Light”, written an original Memorial Day song, and recorded a CD with a piano focus, but with violin or djembe drum added to certain pieces.

His most recent release is “Endless Grace”, combines original music written to sacred text: 23rd Psalm, Lord’s Prayer, Prayers of St. Francis and St. Patrick as well as original spiritual songs that are personal in nature. The 23rd Psalm was written with a middle eastern perspective imagining the music that King David would’ve written. The Lord’s Prayer and St. Francis are vocal harmony pieces (all Jim’s voices). Christ in Me was inspired by the original prayer of St. Patrick for protection. If There is Peace was performed by middle school singers from Glendale, AZ. The other original songs are different experiences in his life shared in music and song. The last track is a quiet instrumental – Sorensen’s own take on the famous song “Amazing Grace” with a quieter feel. This album is his unique perspective of the religious background in which he grew up and the spiritual world he finds himself exploring.

Learn more about Jim at https://jimsorensenpiano.com

Sacred Music Experience – with Jim and Sandy Sorensen

Sandy Sorensen is an intuitive counselor and master healer, who has learned from Medicine Men, Shamans, friends and mentors – all of whom have left a profound impact on her. Her belief that life is a journey of self-discovery that never ends, keeps her learning and evolving. An RN with 17yrs experience, she has always used intuition and empathy with her patients when caring for them. This approach has helped her connect with her patients on a deeper level by meeting them where they are in their own journey. Sandy feels it is always an honor to be invited into such a private space. She has an innate gift to be able to see through challenges people are facing in order to help them navigate through them to heal the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

Sandy’s mission is to intuitively create a safe space for people to explore the calm between the cells, where healing is honored, illness and pain are released, and the heart is opened wide.

Learn more about Sandy at https://sandysoren.com.

Conscious Antiracism: Building A Framework For Repair

With guidance from Rev. Ogun Holder, we’ll explore 8 practices for each of us to individually and collectively embrace in order to begin building a safe container for the challenging work of creating an antiracist culture.

Rev. Ogun Holder is an ordained Unity Minister, a certified Spiritual Coach and Enneagram teacher, and he is the co-founder of project_SANCTUS –  a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all.

His many titles over the years include speaker, teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, musician, parent, social media consultant, and self-proclaimed geek. His first full-length book, Rants To Revelations: Unabashedly Honest Reflections on Life, Spirituality, and the Meaning of God was published by Unity Books in 2012. He currently authors the “Love and Justice for All” column for Unity Magazine.

Learn more at projectsanctus.com and revogunholder.com

This workshop can be taken for 2 Diversity CEU credits.