Unity Church of Alhambra Foundation

What is the Foundation?
Since 2004, with the funds from the sale of the church property that had been home to the Unity Church of Alhambra, an endowment trust fund was established with a non-profit fund manager, the California Community Foundation. An expanded Board of Trustees was elected and appointed, made up of church members, ministers and active Unity people from around the Southwest Region.

We continue as an active alternative ministry member of Unity Worldwide Ministries, based at Unity’s headquarters at Unity Village, MO.

In 2017, the Board of Director changed from a former membership-based leadership, to one led by appointed leaders of Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, and active lay-leaders from around the region.

The Foundation’s fund will perpetually support, in the form of financial grants and scholarships, to Unity individuals, groups, or ministries, serving in five specific areas.

The Foundation’s Mission

• Supporting Unity Ministerial School applicants or continuing education students
• Youth Education, Kids Camp, Uniteens, or Y.O.U. programs
• Growing or expanding established ministries
• Helping to pioneer new ministries and churches
• Supporting contemporary Unity music and music programs

The Foundation is open to all proposals. Support is available to Unity people, groups, or churches in the Southwest Unity Region (Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Western New Mexico, and Southern Utah.)

Unfortunately funds are not given for salaries or staffing, fixtures, repairs, or loans.

Our Foundation Grows!
We lovingly welcome continued financial support to the Foundation. We are very appreciative of the Love Offerings and gifts received from Unity people everywhere. Those that include the Foundation in their giving are supporting ministries, future ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers, and our Unity youth and teens.

Practicing What We Preach
The Foundation tithes 10% of the net interest income to the Southwest Unity Region, Unity Worldwide Ministries, and Unity’s headquarters at Unity Village.

History and Mission of the Unity Church of Alhambra

Since 1923, the Unity Church in Alhambra, CA, has been a beacon of Love, Light, and Service to Unity people, the Unity movement, and the community.

Like many of Southern California’s Unity Churches, it was Unity leader and author, Rev. Ernest Wilson, and his large 8,000-member congregation in downtown Los Angeles, in the 1940s and 50s, which help expand Unity churches in the area.

In 1953, the Alhambra congregation, with the help of friends like Rev. Wilson, purchased and built the church at 25 North 2nd Street, just off of Main St. in Alhambra. It thrived for decades.

In the 50s and 60s, up until 1970, the Unity Church of Alhambra served as the staging area for the annual bus trip to the Youth of Unity Conference. Delegates to the Y.O.U. Conference at Unity Village (now called IYOU) would arrive at the church from around Southern California, and be sent off on a blessed journey for the three-day trip.
Our church was proud to serve as the starting point for many teens on their spiritual adventure of a lifetime.

However, like many areas of Southern California over the 30 years that followed, the community around the physical church had been changing.  Up until 2003, the church’s location and the community it served, seemed unable to attract a long-term minister.

The church had the necessary funds to hire a new minister (thanks to income from rentals), sent a representative several times to Unity Village’s ministerial school to recruit upcoming graduates, and interviewed nine perspective candidates over a four year period. It became clear that serving in Alhambra was not as desirable as other ministry opportunities.

In 2003, the Board of Directors reviewed five options from a church consultant, including everything from hiring anyone willing to take the ministry, combining with other nearby Unity congregations, to closing the doors and walking away. The Board also consulted with leaders within the Southwest Unity Region, and the church’s attorney.

At the 2004 annual meeting on Sunday, February 1st, all 20 of the active members voted to transform from a Sunday morning ministry to the Unity Church of Alhambra Foundationa perpetual trust fund that will continually help spread the Unity message in the Southwest Unity Region.

We gave it to Spirit
for an answer . . .
and we loved
the answer!

The new property owner was the Mandarin Baptist church, which has a large sanctuary and school close by, and used the property in their expansion. Our fixtures, furniture, and books were lovingly shared with active members and Unity Churches in Brea, Las Vegas, Pomona, and Torrance, on a love-offering basis.

What Happened to the Congregation?
We received many expressions of concern over what happened to the remaining congregation when the church’s transformation took place?  The remaining active members held a marvelous Sunday celebration ceremony on March 14, 2004.
We were overjoyed to see many of our past members, and together we shared wonderful memories of Unity friends, ministers, and history of the church. The building was blessed and released, acknowledging the consciousness of the thousands of people who have come through the doors of the church over the previous 52 years.
Most of the congregation has moved on to other nearby Unity churches, or now attend other local churches in the area.

Thank You God!
God has blessed us with a wonderful gift, and we look forward to blessing the expansion of the Unity movement in the Southwest Unity Region! We love you!