Board Development and Training

Board Development and Training is a process of learning and developing leadership skills to assist your ministry’s board members to fulfill their service within your ministry. The list below is a compilation of trainings available, depending on the needs of the ministry. A conversation with the minister and board members will help determine those needs.

The Unity Southwest Region Representative, Rev Charli Tupper, is a Unity Ministry Consultant and Interim Ministry Specialist. She is contracted through the Unity Southwest Region to provide training and support to the ministries under its prevue. To secure Rev Charli’s services, the ministry will offset the cost of her traveling expenses. For her service, the ministry will send a love offering to the Unity Southwest Region for the investment in the ministry.

To reach Rev Charli for more information of how she can support your ministry click here.


The importance of being in relationship with each other and the community.

  • The minister and the board.
  • The role of the trustee in the community
  • The importance of understanding and practicing spiritual and emotional maturity.
  • Confidentiality and Transparency

The roles and responsibilities of the officers and trustees.

  • Policies and Procedures to support a healthy and safe administration of duties
  • Why we need bylaws and the importance of following them.
  • Codes of Ethics and conflict of Interests
  • Mutual Accountability Agreements
  • The importance of best standards of practice

Effective Board Meetings

  • What type of board are you?
  • Making decisions
  • Know your what, why, who, and how

Conflict and Levels of Tension

  • Are you a change resistant ministry
  • 5 levels of tension and conflict
  • Adaptive change
  • Creative Tension Management
  • Polarity, Polarization, and Ministry