Regional Representative/Minister

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we are all in a time of transition, so are the Unity Southwest Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.  These changes have taken your board into the question of what services the region can provide for you and your ministry.   In answer to this question, the board created a new position designed to convey their intent in this new paradigm.  The position title is Minister/Reg Rep.

Rev. Charli TupperThe Region Representative is a position that serves both the region and UWM.  This is done by being a communication link between UWM and the region.  As the Region Rep, I serve on the UWM Standards Team.  It is this team that works with the UWM board and staff with the creation of policies and the implementation of best practices for ministries.  This is not to stifle a ministry’s creativity, but to empower all of us to step more fulling into the expression we have come here to be.   

As the Minister for the region, I am here to support you and the region as we all work together to fulfill our mission of being a catalyst for the collective emergence of Divine Consciousness.  The ways that I might support you include but not limited to:

  • Developing strategies to implement The Power of Focused Ministry in all of its components.
    • Addressing the questions of why we exist and who do we serve?
    • Creating vision, mission and core values that speak powerfully to who you are.
    • Assessing the gifts within the ministry and the implementation of teams to express them.  
  • Board Training and Development.
  • Board Retreats to create meaningful connections between members and goals for the coming year.  
  • Compassionate Conflict Resolution
  • A confidential listening ear and prayer support
  • Transitional ministry support
  • Guest Speaking and workshops to support you.  
  • Online classes that support the expansion of consciousness.

For more information to connect with Rev Charli email or call 928 273-8699

In service to the One,
Rev Charli Tupper